Conductor of history

At Hotel Boavista - Vintage House, we are a conductor of history with more than 90 years, where you can walk in time without ever losing the notion of contemporaneity. We are a hotel with distinct and unique atmospheres designed for your well-being. With all its legacy, the Hotel Boavista - Vintage House was born with the discovery of the holy waters of Monfortinho, witness great historical events such as the Spanish civil war where it played a fundamental role for those looking for a refuge, it is an accomplice of affections and emotions that do not fit in suitcases. This is the Hotel Boavista - Vintage House with a unique, familiar, historic atmosphere, elegant in its lightness as a host of travelers, thinking about the conductors of history.

We are Local All our spaces are inspired by the region and the border people. We're not just in the community. We buy, we add value, we participate, we practice, we contribute, we develop, we are part of and we integrate our guests. 

We are Hospitality Being hospitable is something very much ours, very Portuguese and very borderline. The extraordinary human interaction has been exclusive to the Hotel Boavista-Vintage House for over 80 years. 

Our entire team is committed to making you feel special and at home, we have been doing this for over 80 years. 

On the way to sustainability The awareness that we are all pieces of a puzzle called the planet. Regenerate habits, reorder decisions, reuse solutions, resize ambitions, recycle opinions or readjust the prisms of efficiency and sustainability. We are implementing several practices that guarantee an effective and responsible environmental management, with a special focus on issues related to water consumption, energy and plastic reduction, in the preservation and dissemination of the natural values ​​of the destination that favor seasonal products and local products in the majority. of catering spaces.

  • 17 double and twin rooms
  •  3 family rooms 
  • 2 bars 
  • 1 Restaurant