Menu Révellion

Buffet Dinner on December 31, 2023-2024

Welcome drink

  • Bellini

Cold starters

  • Shoemaker
  • Cascade and cooked shrimp
  • Cheese bundles with honey and nuts
  • Salmon canapés
  • Octopus salad
  • Guacamole

Hot Starters

  • Clam Bolhão Pato
  • Spanish Ear
  • Sauteed mushrooms


  • Pumpkin cream with feta cheese and basil


  • Sea bass fillet with beurre blanc and potato gratin


  • Rack of lamb with hollandaise sauce, garnished with saffron rice and sultanas


  • Fruit in fantasy
  • King Cake
  • Sweet rice
  • Cream milk
  • Tigelada Beira
  • Egg pudding
  • Sweets of the season
  • Shot of liqueur wine

Wines and sparkling wines

Starters: Vinho verde (Tormes)

Fish: White Wine (Alpedrinha Fundão)

Meat: Red Wine (Alpedrinha, Fundão)

Desserts: Liqueur Wine (Messala)

End of the year toast: Platino sparkling wine